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Springtime Activities

Winter in Minnesota is long. VERY long. So when the sun starts to get a little warmer, the days a little longer, and it no longer hurts our faces to go outside, we get a little bit excited. Spring in Minnesota often is a mix of “can’t wait to get outside” and “but there’s still snow!” With this, there are many fun activities to do with your kids to incorporate both seasons!

  1. Use plastic Easter eggs before the holiday to practice egg hunting. Hide them and give clues on where to look. “Behind the chair, under the rug, closer to the kitchen,” helps teach kids spatial concepts and direction following.  You can then have your child give you directions on where to hide them! This not only teaches them the language, but also prepares them for the big day.
  2. Bring a bucket of snow inside and use the plastic eggs as snow molds for Snowy Easter Eggs! Talk about how the snow is cold and melts when it gets warm.  How long do they take to melt? Make different sizes, working on big/little, and talk about what color the egg molds are. 
  3. Go for a walk and see if you can find frozen puddles – throw little pebbles in and see if they break the ice or bounce and roll! Talk about what the ice looks like, sounds like, and then experiment by freezing a bowl of water and checking it every hour to compare.

So many concepts, so little time –  before the snow melts (hopefully)! Have fun!